Person centred counselling

A treatment available at the Bournemouth therapy clinic

Person centred counselling

Person-centred counselling, as devised by Carl Rogers, is based on the assumption that an individual seeking support in the resolution of a problem can engage in an accepting non-judgmental relationship with the counselor, allowing the client to freely express emotions and feelings. It is also called client-centred or Rogerian counselling.

Person-centred counselling is for clients who would like to address specific psychological habits or patterns of thinking. The client is perceived by the counsellor as being the best authority of their own experience and therefore capable of achieving their own potential for growth and problem resolution. The person-centred counsellor provides favourable conditions to allow the emergence of such potential through unconditional positive regard, empathic understanding and congruence, thus enabling the client to come to terms with negative feelings, and develop inner resources with the power and freedom to bring about change.

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